Our Practice

The following are areas where The Anderson Law Firm has significant experience and which are the focus of our practice. Although these are representative issues that are highlighted as an overview, the firm regularly handles all matters pertaining to Customs and related international trade issues.


  1. Tariff Classification and Duty Reduction
    • Binding Rulings
    • Advice and Consultation
    • Pursuit of all Administrative Remedies Including Internal Advice Requests, Protests, and Applications for Further Review
    • Analysis of Special Duty Reduction Treatment under various Free Trade Agreements and Special Preferential Programs
  2. Valuation of Imported Merchandise
    • First Sale Appraisements
    • Related Party / Transfer Pricing Issues
    • Buying Commissions
    • Assists
    • Royalties
  3. Penalty Cases
    • Cases arising under 19 USC §1592
    • Seizures and Matter Arising under 19 USC §1595a
    • Liquidated Damage Claims
    • Customhouse Broker Penalties
    • Intellectual Property Violations
    • Prior Disclosures
  4. Marking and Labeling Issues
    • Country of Origin Marking Issues
    • Federal Trade Commission "Made in USA" Claims
    • NAFTA/USMCA Marking Rules
    • Textiles and Wearing Apparel / Care Labeling and Textile Fiber Products Identification Act
    • Special Labeling Requirements for Other Governmental Agencies
  5. Compliance Issues
    • Audit
    • C-TPAT
    • Best Practices
    • Recordkeeping and Compliance Manuals
    • Self Assessments
  6. Foreign Trade Zones & Bonded Warehouses
  7. Consultations with Customhouse Brokers
    • Self Audit and Analysis
    • Assistance in Broker Licensing Issues
  8. Litigation Before the U.S. Court of International Trade
    • The firm regularly litigates all matters before the U.S. Court of International Trade
    • Significant experience with all phases of litigation ranging from resolution of the issue by means of an Agreed Statement of Facts / Stipulation, through Summary Judgment and/or trial
  9. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  10. Department of Commerce
    • Scope Rulings pertaining to antidumping and countervailing duty cases
    • Consultation on Antidumping Matters
  11. U.S. International Trade Commission
    • Exclusion Orders
    • Hearings before the Commission


  1. Penalty Cases and Seizures
    • Petitions for Relief
    • Release of Merchandise
    • Voluntary Self Disclosures
  2. Licensing Issues
    • Assistance with license approvals
    • ECCN / CCL analysis
  3. Compliance Manuals and Systems
    • Assistance with developing compliance materials
    • Self-Audit
  4. Issues Arising under the Office of Foreign Assets Control (Treasury Dept. – OFAC)
    • Analysis of constantly changing rules for different countries
    • Liaison with OFAC and General Counsel's office